Work smarter, not harder: 5 tips

Work smarter, not harder!

Have a plan: an efficient worker needs a work plan – a well-thought-out scheme to help guide and direct work activities. Schedule your tasks throughout the days, weeks, and months, but do it ahead of time.

Set goals: set concrete and measurable goals. Take time to reward yourself for reaching goals.

Organize your work day: Develop a consistent daily work schedule – and stick to it. The regularity of a consistent schedule ensures that each category of work gets completed, and makes it less likely that tasks will be overlooked.

Delegate effectively: Learn which tasks can be delegated and which need personal attention. Ting to do everything yourself will not only leave you  overloaded and overstressed, but is doing a disservice to your subordinates, allow them to be challenged and grow by taking on important duties.

Don’t make work harder than it actually is: Much of your pressure is self-induced. Don’t set unrealistically high goals or standards for ourselve and feel like we should be doing more. Remember that tasks get completed in a step-by-step fashion. Focusing on each step, rather than on the entire project, may cut down on feelings that we are “overwhelmed.”