Working on your happiness

To improve on your current state of happiness you’ll need to make changes in one or more of the following areas:

Kindness Do you know a happy mean person?

Gratitude Count your blessings not complain about your burdens.

Optimism Do you believe things will work out, that bad things are temporary? Or are you the victim with nothing in your control?

Love Both giving and receiving it.

Passion For work, a hobby, your family, a club, something.

Growth and improvement Stagnation will not lead to more happiness.

Patience With patience, your happiness increases tenfold!

Faith In yourself, in humanity, in a code of decency, in something higher than yourself, in God.

Overcome obstacles and challenges in life

Accept and coping with challenges

Develop a positive attitude  See the good in others, yourself and in circumstances.

Overcoming character flaws Selfishness, greed, hate, hyper-judgmentalism, etc.

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