Your environment shapes your success at reaching goals

We start a day with great intentions. But then people start calling and emailing, asking and directing, and soon we can hardly remember what we wanted to focus on in the first place — if we ever knew. Our days begin to look like frenzied, attempts to get traction while making little headway. By the end of a week, we’ve forgotten what it was we were hoping to accomplish at the beginning of the week. And by the end the year, we’re frustrated that we haven’t moved forward in our most important priorities.

The solution isn’t willing yourself to focus better. Discipline and self-control are unsustainable because there are often too many distractions, too many things other people want us to do, too many opportunities and temptations that draw us away from lives that reflect our true values and priorities.

We need to restructure our environments so we are more likely to move forward on our most important priorities.

Have you structured your environment — your life — so that you are more likely to accomplish your most important priorities?